Haystack 6 Foot Gazebo

Our most affordable Gazebo, the Haystack is unique in our lineup, being the only square Gazebo that we make. This shape was chosen to make the most use the tight spaces that are often encountered at outdoor events, while keeping the maximum amount of shade and minimizing the number of parts. The result is a lightweight, affordable booth that has become one of our best sellers.

Niagara Discovery Haystack 6ft Gazebo
Niagara Discovery Haystack 6ft GazeboCota & Cota Haystack 6ft GazeboHealth Plus 6ft GazeboFifth Third Bank Haystack 6ft Gazebo
Canadian exchange rate as of 2024-04-24.
Haystack 6 Foot Gazebo
Gazebo Frame
Unprinted Vinyl Canopy & Skirt
Front-facing Counter
3 Carrying Bags
$ 1,750.00 $ 2,397.50 CAD
Printing Options
Complete Printing $850.00 $1,164.50 CAD
Canopy Only $425.00 $582.25 CAD
Skirt Only $425.00 $582.25 CAD
Lower Shelf $85.00 $116.45 CAD
Extra Canopy $315.00 $431.55 CAD
Extra Skirt $260.00 $356.20 CAD
Weight 115lbs52.2kg
Gazebo Width 6ft 4in1.93m
Gazebo Depth 6ft 4in1.93m
Gazebo Height 8ft2.44m
Counter Width 6ft 4in1.93m
Counter Depth 19in48cm
Counter Height 38in97cm
Staff Capacity Two People
Canadian exchange rate as of 2024-04-24.

Base Price $1,750.00 $2,397.50 CAD


Gazebo Front
Gazebo Top