Four Foot Kiosk

Our Four Foot Rectangular Booth was originally designed to fit at the end of a supermarket aisle, but has proven to be popular for all kinds of uses. Its size makes it possible to be transported, set up and staffed by a single person, in about five minutes. It is fitted with a single, 19-inch deep service counter, includes carrying bags, and can be printed with any graphics you choose with our digital printing process.

Sea Rocket Adventures 4ft Booth
Sea Rocket Adventures 4ft BoothUC Davis 4ft BoothAlltel 4ft Kiosk
Canadian exchange rate as of 2024-06-18.
Four Foot Kiosk
Kiosk Frame
Unprinted Vinyl Valance & Skirt
Front-facing Counter
3 Carrying Bags
$ 850.00 $ 1,164.50 CAD
Printing Options
Complete Printing $450.00 $616.50 CAD
Valance Only $150.00 $205.50 CAD
Skirt Only $300.00 $411.00 CAD
Lower Shelf $85.00 $116.45 CAD
Extra Valance $80.00 $109.60 CAD
Extra Skirt $195.00 $267.15 CAD
Weight 64lbs29kg
Kiosk Width 4ft1.22m
Kiosk Depth 30in76cm
Kiosk Height 6ft 11in2.11m
Counter Width 47in119cm
Counter Depth 19in48cm
Counter Height 38in97cm
Staff Capacity One Person
Canadian exchange rate as of 2024-06-18.

Base Price $850.00 $1,164.50 CAD


Kiosk Front
Kiosk Side