Attention-grabbing kiosks for businesses of all sizes.

We build stunning, custom-printed booths to fit any space or budget. From end-of-the-aisle retail booths to spacious outdoor displays, our unique styles of kiosks save our customers time and money while drawing in more visitors than their competitors.

Wachusett Bromley 10ft Gazebo
Starbucks Bromley 10ft Gazebo

Food & Beverage Service

Our gazebos are used to serve anything from iced lemonade to hot pizza at indoor and outdoor events.

All of our models are suitable for food and beverage service. The Bromley 10ft Gazebo and Mansfield 12ft Gazebo have additional space for coolers, warmers and other large equipment.

Campus Activities

Gazebos and Booths make excellent campus kiosks for student organizations, alumni programs, new student information, health services and other awareness campaigns.

Multiple organizations can each have their own vinyl skins and share a single frame.

The 4ft Booth, 6ft Booth, Haystack 6ft Gazebo and Ascutney 8ft Gazebo are all great for use on campus.

ASUCLA 6ft Kiosk
WASH FM Mansfield 12ft Gazebo

Television & Radio

Gazebos make for an eye-catching centerpiece for remote broadcasts and pledge drive events. Interchangeable vinyl skins allow one gazebo frame to be used for multiple stations or different sponsors.

With plenty of room for staff and equipment, the Ascutney 8ft Gazebo, Bromley 10ft Gazebo and Mansfield 12ft Gazebo all make great broadcast booths.


Our highly transportable gazebos allow visitors bureaus and chambers of commerce to greet tourists at festivals, sporting events, at the airport or wherever they needed.

The Ascutney 8ft Gazebo and Bromley 10ft Gazebo can be configured with up to five counters to allow visitors to approach from all sides.

Windsor-Essex 8ft Gazebo with 5 Counters
Sea Rocket Adventures 4ft Booth

Ticket & Event Information Booths

The compact 4ft Booth, 6ft Booth and Haystack 6ft Gazebo all make for excellent ticket sales and event information kiosks.

And Many More Uses…

  • Product Launches
  • Subscription Sign-Ups
  • Trade Shows
  • Alumni Associations

  • Parades & Festivals
  • Weddings & Reunions
  • Stadium Services
  • Outdoor Sales Kiosks